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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Beef Shish

Beef Shish

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Dive into the heart of Middle Eastern cuisine with our Beef Shish, where marinated cubes of premium beef are skewered and grilled until they achieve the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. Each bite promises a juicy, savory experience, capturing the robust and hearty essence of grilled beef.

šŸ’Æ 100% Authentic Middle Eastern Food

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  • šŸ„ Marinated Beef Cubes
  • šŸš Optional Rice
  • šŸž Pita Bread
  • šŸ„— Fresh Vegetables
  • šŸ¶ Tahini Sauce

Serving Suggestion:
Delight in the flavors of our Beef Shish hot off the grill, paired perfectly with rice or wrapped in soft pita bread. Add a dash of our creamy tahini sauce or a serving of fresh vegetables to complete your meal.

Halal Certification:
Enjoy with confidence, knowing that our Beef Shish, like all of our offerings, is made with 100% Halal-certified ingredients.

Allergen Information:
Please be aware that this product contains gluten and is prepared in a kitchen that handles nuts, dairy, and gluten.


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