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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant



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Cold Drinks
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Ayran Turkish Drink: A traditional Turkish yogurt-based drink made by mixing yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt. It boasts a refreshing and slightly tangy taste, making it a popular choice to complement Turkish dishes and beat the heat on warm days.

 Ayran Plain: A classic and traditional Turkish drink made from a simple blend of yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt. Known for its natural, tangy flavour, Ayran Plain is a popular choice for cooling down and enhancing the enjoyment of Turkish cuisine. 

 Ayran Mint: A delightful Turkish yogurt-based drink that combines the traditional blend of yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt with the invigorating taste of fresh mint leaves. It's a refreshing and slightly tangy beverage, perfect for enhancing the flavours of Turkish dishes and providing a cool and minty respite. 

 Ayran Mango: A flavourful twist on the traditional Ayran drink, featuring the classic blend of yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt infused with the sweet and tropical taste of ripe mango. It's a refreshing and tangy beverage with a fruity flair, perfect for enjoying alongside Turkish cuisine or as a cooling refreshment on a warm day. 

 Mint Tea Pot: A fragrant and soothing herbal tea made by steeping fresh mint leaves in hot water, served in a teapot to allow for multiple servings. Known for its refreshing and minty taste, it's a popular choice for relaxation and enjoyment of mint tea's delightful aroma and flavour. 

Apple Tea Pot: A delightful and aromatic herbal tea made by infusing dried apple pieces in hot water, served in a teapot for multiple servings. It's celebrated for its sweet and fruity flavor, offering a comforting and apple-infused tea experience.

 Turkish Tea Pot: A classic presentation of strong and robust Turkish black tea, served in a teapot. This rich and bold tea is an integral part of Turkish tea culture and is often enjoyed in small glasses, either plain or with sugar, as per personal preference. It's a symbol of hospitality and social gatherings in Turkey.

 Ice Apple Tea: A refreshing and chilled beverage made by infusing tea with the sweet and fruity essence of apples, typically served over ice. It offers a harmonious blend of tea's depth and apple's natural sweetness, providing a cool and revitalizing drink for those seeking a flavourful and chilled alternative. 

 Ice Mint Tea: A revitalizing and chilled beverage created by infusing tea with fresh mint leaves and serving it over ice. This drink offers the invigorating and slightly tangy taste of mint, perfect for cooling down and enjoying a refreshing, minty experience on warm days.

 Ice Lemon Tea Hand Made: A handcrafted and refreshing beverage that combines the bright and zesty taste of fresh lemon with tea, served over ice. It's a homemade delight, known for its invigorating and tangy lemony flavour, offering a perfect balance of sweet and sour in a chilled, thirst-quenching drink. 

 Turkish Coffee: A beloved and strong coffee preparation method in Turkey. It involves finely ground coffee beans, water, and sugar (if desired) simmered in a special pot called a "cezve" or "ibrik." The result is a rich, unfiltered coffee with a sludgy residue, often served in small cups. Turkish coffee is known for its intense flavor and the centuries-old tradition of fortune-telling from the coffee grounds left in the cup. 

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