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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Fresh Juices

Fresh Juices

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Lemon Mint Juice: A refreshing and zesty drink made by combining freshly squeezed lemon juice with mint leaves, water, and a touch of sweetness. It's a perfect choice for quenching your thirst and enjoying a burst of citrusy and minty flavours.

Mango Juice: A delightful tropical beverage crafted from the luscious, sweet pulp of ripe mangoes. It's known for its refreshing and naturally fruity taste, making it a favourite choice to savour the tropical flavours of mango.

Orange Juice: A classic and timeless drink made by squeezing fresh oranges to extract their vibrant and tangy juice. Renowned for its bright, citrusy flavour and high vitamin C content, it's a beloved choice for a burst of refreshing citrus taste.

Watermelon Juice: A cooling and hydrating drink made by blending ripe, juicy watermelon into a refreshing beverage. It's known for its naturally sweet and thirst-quenching taste, making it a delightful choice, especially on hot days.

Apple Juice: A beloved and timeless beverage made from the pressed and filtered juice of ripe apples. It's appreciated for its crisp and slightly sweet flavour, offering a taste of orchard-fresh apples in every sip.

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