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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Mix Mandi

Mix Mandi

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Dive into the heart of Middle Eastern culinary artistry with our Mix Mandi, a lavish spread designed to cater to groups ranging from two to five people. This dish artfully marries succulent lamb and tender chicken, both slow-cooked to perfection alongside aromatic rice and an exclusive blend of spices. It’s a symphony of flavors that is further enhanced by a medley of fresh vegetables and a zesty tomato salsa. Whether it's a family gathering or a feast with friends, the Mix Mandi guarantees a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious.

Ingredients with Emojis:
🐑 Tender Lamb
🐔 Juicy Chicken
🍚 Fragrant Rice
🌶️ Special Blend of Spices
🥦 Fresh Vegetables
🍅 Flavorful Tomato Salsa


Allergen Information:
Contains lamb and chicken. Produced in a facility that handles nuts, dairy, and gluten.

Halal Certification:
This product is certified Halal, ensuring all ingredients and preparation methods adhere to Islamic dietary laws.

Serving Suggestion:
Best enjoyed communal style, let the Mix Mandi take center stage at your table, complemented by side dishes of your choice and beverages to enhance the dining experience.

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