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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

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Indulge in the timeless comfort of our Rice Pudding, a classic dessert crafted from rich, creamy rice simmered to perfection. Each spoonful is sweetened with just the right amount of sugar and infused with delicate hints of vanilla or exotic aromatic spices, providing a soothing and nostalgic taste reminiscent of home.

Ingredients with Emojis:
🍚 Creamy Rice
🍦 Vanilla (optional)
🌿 Aromatic Spices (optional)
🍬 Sugar


Allergen Information:
Produced in a facility that handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.

Halal Certification:
This product is certified Halal, ensuring all ingredients and preparation methods adhere to Islamic dietary laws.

Serving Suggestion:
Our Rice Pudding is best enjoyed cold, providing a comforting and satisfying dessert option any time of the day.

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