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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Turkish Ekmek Bread

Turkish Ekmek Bread

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Savor the authentic taste of our Traditional Turkish Ekmek Bread, characterized by its soft, chewy interior and golden crust. This classic bread is a versatile staple, perfect for complementing any meal and enhancing your dining experience.

Ingredients with Emojis:

     🌾 Flour
     💧 Water
     🧂 Salt
     🍞 Yeast
     🍶 Olive Oil

Allergen Information:

Contains gluten. May contain traces of nuts and seeds.

Halal Certification:

Our Ekmek Bread is Halal certified, ensuring all ingredients and baking processes comply with Halal standards.

Serving Suggestion:

Enjoy it fresh out of the oven, dipped in olive oil, or as a side to your favorite dishes. Its versatility makes it a beloved choice for any meal.

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